About me :)

  • Name:                           Markus Maly

  • Place of Birth:              Klagenfurt (Austria / Carinthia)

  • Nationality:                   Austrian, Swiss

  • Residence:                    Munich Area (Germany / Bavaria)


About me:
In June 2010 I've finished the HTBLA Eisenstadt (Austria) in "aeronautical engineering" with a technical diploma (Reife- und Diplmprüfungszeugnis). Afterwards (October 2010) I moved to Munich to study at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

I finished there with a Bachelor's degree (B.Sc.) in "Aerospace" (11/2013), a second Bachelor's degree  in  "Management and Technology" (12/2014) as well as a Master's degree (M.Sc.) in "Aerospace" (01/2016).My Master Thesis I did within the  "Airbus Defence & Space GmbH" in the division "Airbus Group Innovations".

In July 2016 I founded my own little company called "Markus Maly Aerospace Engineering & Consulting". Under the company I worked at Red Bull Air Race as a Tactician for Petr Kopfstein. Since November 2016 I'm also working as a "Development Engineer" at jember GmbH in Munich. Since March 2019 I'm working at the Institute of Flight System Dynamic at the Technical Univeristy of Munich to do my my doctorate (Dr.-Ing. / PhD) in the aerospace area. So another dream comes true :)

My biggest hobbies are, as you can see on the pictures, flying (GPL, UL/A, TMG, LAPL(A)) and everything else with aviation. Furthermore I've a big passion to photography. I started with a little cam and plane spotting. Now i take pictures of many different motives, including event photography. My equipment is a Canon EOS 500D with several objectives.


For cooperations please contact me via "Linked in" or "Xing". For all other requests like a ride with a plane or requests as a photographer take the contact page. For example pictures look here (Photography) or here (Event Photography).

Kärntn is lei ans, is a landle, lei a klans.
Is a scheens is a feins, des landle des is meins.
In da näh und in da fern gibts ka scheenas auf da erdn.

Markus Maly, M.Sc. B.Sc.
  • Aerospace Engineer

  • M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Aerospace

  • B.Sc. in Management & Technology

  • Master Thesis done within the Airbus Defence & Space GmbH

  • Hobbypilot and Hobbyphotographer